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About Us

The Pink Tulip has always been a place for all women to come and feel beautiful, no matter their age, size, or shape. The store was founded back in 1986, by my mom, Letty Algren. She has a heart for people and wanted to create an environment where women of all generations would be able to come, have fun, let go of all the worries in their busy lives, and spend time shopping together.

Since then, I, Hadley Algren, have joined my mom after college to help her continue her passion into the online world. The welcoming and fun environment of The Pink Tulip will now be available not just in store, but at as well! 

For those of you who have been loyal Pink Tulip customers for years, we are so excited to bring you a new avenue of shopping with us! Whether you live outside of Birmingham, are a busy mom, a working woman, or just can't get enough of TPT, we are so excited to bring you our new online venture where we will have new arrivals daily and lots of deals to share with you. 

Be sure to check out our online sister store as well, and their VIP Facebook page where you can see items first and how they fit. We also have fun giveaways all the time and live sale videos you won't want to miss!

Thanks again for shopping with us, we appreciate every single one of you so much!